Dear HDB Owners,

With an income of $6000 onwards, many home owners have UPGRADED to private properties without paying extra cash from their own pocket. 

With the right planning, I have further helped my clients own 2 private properties in 5 to 10 years with this strategy.

For example, 5 years ago, one of my clients, upgraded from his HDB flat to a condo. 

Today he managed to diversify his property portfolio and currently owns 2 beautiful condo units : one 4-bedroom condo for his own stay and a 1-bedroom condo for investment. 

Do you want to achieve something like this?

Today, if you are a HDB owner that has…


Stayed in your HDB flat for more than 5 years


Combined income of $6k onwards

Let's meet for a NON-OBLIGATORY & FREE sharing session and I will demonstrate to you how you can do it based on your financial situation and needs.


Don’t be mistaken. There is nothing wrong with owning a HDB flat. But what I always share with my clients is to first understand what is their end-goal. 

If you are currently working and preparing for future such as retirement, children education, etc., it would be logical to assume that you will need to save a lot of money, right?

Yet, with all the expenses and high living costs in Singapore, how much can you actually save every month?

As responsible adults, most of us would probably have bought some form of insurance or started a saving plan for our old age. But why is it not the same for our housing asset?

I have personally encountered home owners who upgraded to a private, expanded their private property portfolio and when they are approaching their retirement age, cashed out, move to an HDB flat with a 6-figure sum in their bank. 

I have not even talked about the huge amount of money they have in their CPF!

Today, do you want to not only progress in your assets but also safeguard your future?

This is just all empty talk if I do not have the in-depth analysis and calculations to prove it.

Like I said, I have helped my clients own 2 private properties in 5 to 10 years with this strategy!

  • A SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE home-ownership progression plan - with 4 PRECISE steps to accumulate wealth earlier


  • A simple “calculation” method to recognise your financial standing
  • A 4-step process to do in-depth financial calculations which will include additional costs like legal fees, cash outlay, stamp duty, etc.
  • The 3 TECHNIQUES to leverage on your CPF
  • The 3 ways to analyse the available options in the property market and determine the best choice that is suitable for you


Ray Tan & Jane Tay

Before we met you, our initial plan was to continue renting out our first unit and to continue staying in our current place, while saving for kids & retirement. Although we were keen to buy another unit, we were hesitant until we learnt from you about the various options that were available for our consideration. You helped us to achieve our goal of buying our dream house at the right price, in an ideal location exactly where we wanted, near our children’s schools and a future MRT station.

In fact, we recommended Don to our neighbor and within 2 weeks, he helped them to sell their unit at their desired price. He also helped them to buy their dream house at the right price, where else another exclusive agent had taken 6 months without success! Thank you, Don for all your help to our family and friends! Highly recommended!

My initial plan was to source for an Executive Apartment after my current 4 room HDB MOP is completed. The possibility of moving towards private residential projects is something that has never crossed my mind in the past.

Through a customized financial plan, Don showed us how we can maximise our cash flow in investing in property rather than having the money inside the CPF account which can only be utilize after retirement. He also showed me the possibilities of owning a condo without forking out additional cash. 

Don has successfully open up the door for my private residential purchase and before the project is completed, my property value is already on appreciation level. Thank you Don!

Winston Choy

Throughout my experience as a consultant in the real estate industry, I have helped numerous Home Owners accomplish their life objectives and dreams through safe yet powerful asset progression plans.

It is my objective to work with my clients towards achieving financial freedom by owning the right properties that can help you in the long run. I want my clients to have the right property knowledge today so that they can give their loved ones a better future!

Hi, I am Don Tay.

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